Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Run, Ray, Run!

As we can see in this Illinois Leader article, 18th District Congressman Ray LaHood is considering a run for Illinois governor. I'll back him. He's been a better centrist than most people expect and has done quite a bit of good for the state. Sure, you can find a few farmers who will grumble about him, but he has been very successful at being both a devil's advocate for congressional Republicans and someone who can bring everyone to the table on important state issues like agriculture reform and assistance. He's been critical of fellow GOP pols in the past few months. GOOD. We've been in need of a serious shake-up in the state party, and the current party leadership hasn't been doing much of anything but screwing up. It's time for the downstaters in the GOP to flex their muscles and stop being taken for granted in the party's internal affairs.

Run, Ray, run!

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