Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqis brave violence to vote

Okay, for all of you out there:

THIS is one of the three reasons why we went to war in Iraq. It wasn't just looking for WMDs. It wasn't just breaking the back of a terrorist network and the governments that abetted it. It was for giving the people who lived under a tyrant the chance to determine their fate as a nation, where everyone's opinion could could help to shape their government. No longer was it just one man who controlled the nation. Now everyone in Iraq has their voice again.

Like I said a long time ago about our successes in Iraq, two out of three ain't bad. If the Iraqis vote to remove the US presence from their nation, I have no problems with pulling the troops out. If they ask us to stay, how can we not keep a small force their to assist this new democracy? These voters have braved death threats and calls for further violence against this fledgling democracy. We must do right by them and assist them in becoming a functioning member of world society. Mind you, I'd much rather they acted like us and paid only the barest of lip service the European Union's twin 800-pound gorillas (I.e., France and Germany) when it comes to world citizenship, but now it's up to them to determine how they will respond to other democracies.

Best of luck to you, citizens of Iraq. May God watch over you and bless you in a tumultuous time such as this.

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