Friday, November 05, 2004

So, I manage to score a couple of last-minute tickets to the Beastie Boys concert tonight. A couple of folks from work were unable to make it to the concert, so I invited a friend of mine who is probably even more of a Beasties fan than I am. I'm pretty sure that she has more of their albums than I do. We get to the company skybox and find out... we're the only ones there. Only two guys had bought tickets, couldn't use them, and decided to give them to me.

Amazing show. Absolutely amazing.

Now, you'd think with a group like this that is very liberal, they'd have a lot to say about the recent election. They had almost nothing to say politically-speaking, and what few insults they threw out about the President (maybe three) were half-hearted, almost a sop to the true believers in the crowd. Instead of whining further about it, they did the right thing. They took all that energy and put it into their show. Their DJ was amazing. I haven't seen anyone's hands move across turntables like that in a long time. The lightshow was fantastic. The Beasties performed a little something from every album of theirs, but it still surprised me when they pulled out "Hello Brooklyn." At various points they'd pull out a moveable stage and play instruments. Surprising, maybe to some, but definitely good.

They ended the show with encores of "Intergalatic" and "Sabotage," two of their best tracks. In all, the Beastie Boys played my kind of post-election show. They shut up and sang, putting all else aside but entertaining their fans.0+

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