Monday, November 29, 2004

Modern novels worth re-reading?

Hugh Hewitt has posted an interesting essay on looking for modern novels that are worth re-reading. Going under the assumption that the standard novel is a work of prose fiction, I'd have to say that there aren't many modern novels worth picking up in the first place. Even my beloved science-fiction novels aren't really worth re-reading anymore. I'd pick up Tom Wolfe's new book, but it has no reason for me to buy it; I'm simply not interested in the life of a fictional college student. I'm not even interested in how he uses the language to craft his stories, so I can't even get some kind of satisfaction from the technical aspect of his writing.

So, does anyone have an idea out there what is good enough to read, then read again at a later date as far as modern fiction is concerned? I'm open to anything from 1980 to today.

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