Monday, November 22, 2004

Help Switch Hugh's Schedule!

A few weeks ago, WIND-AM changed its format from Spanish-language music to AM talk radio. This allowed us Chicago-area listeners to receive Hugh Hewitt's radio show in its full 3-hour time frame. Previously, the show was only on for one hour on WYLL, a Christian talk station. There's only one little problem. Hugh's show is in its full format, but it's taped. Hugh's usual timeslot is 5pm-8pm Central time. That timeslot is currently filled by Michael Savage's show "Savage Nation." Mr. Savage's show is okay, but it's too intense for an evening drive-time show. Michael Savage has the perfect primetime show and delivery, a pit bull of the radio that can pull listeners away from the television. Hugh's show is entertaining, humorous, and provides quite a lot of good news analysis. It's a better drive time show for those of us leaving work who want a little relaxation with our news.

Please join me in asking the management at WIND-AM to switch timeslots between Hugh's show and Michael Savage's. Chicago needs a drivetime show that can can be both informative and fun for everyone to listen to.

Here's Hugh's site:

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