Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I hope so.

Today is a very important day, as you should well know. Will our nation stay the course, or will we let other nations determine that course? Will we dictate terms or will we let terms be dictated to us? Will we charge our way through to defeat terrorism, or will we allow it to fester and become a part of our daily lives? These are a few of the questions I asked myself before I voted today.

If you haven't voted yet, find a way to take time off from work to go vote. When you do vote, I urge you to vote for President Bush. He does have the leadership necessary to carry our nation forward. His plans on national defense, national security, and his forward-looking plans for health care and retirement will help our nation remain strong. You may have reservations on his environmental policies, maybe even his gun-control policies, even same-sex marriage. Those issues are inconsequential compared to the other three issues I've laid out.

The US Senate race in Illinois... this is tougher than I'd expected. Do we take Barack Obama's genial style, or Alan Keyes' furious substance? Do we vote for an outsider with whom we agree, or for a local who does not truly represent our interests? Do we vote for a man who preaches in stark terms, who leaves no doubt as to his positions, or for a man who uses nuance to the point of leaving no real idea what he'll do? Who does Illinois need as a Senator more: Cotton Mather or Mister Rogers? Who do we really want? This Senate race will determine what needs to happen within the Illinois Republican Party. Despite his ability to shoot himself in the foot while putting his foot in his mouth, Alan Keyes represents my interests more than Barack Obama. I give my support to our Republican candidate, even though his rhetorical flourishes border on the ludicrous and overly divisive at times.

One word of advice to Mr. Keyes: if you want to really enjoy living in Illinois, I suggest moving to Springfield. That would be a great place to help re-invigorate the Republican party.

Please vote today. You may not agree with the men I endorse for President or US Senator. Failure to vote is not only a failure to discharge your duty as a citizen, but a failure to make our President, whoever he may be in January, beholden to you. Do your duty to your country and your fellow American.

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