Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A bit of a clarification

Some of you might not get what I meant by this:
Failure to vote is not only a failure to discharge your duty as a citizen, but a failure to make our President, whoever he may be in January, beholden to you.
I'm focusing on the last part, about making our President beholden to us. It's simple. If your preferred candidate wins, your preferred candidate should be more amenable to listening to your advice on certain issues, much like Representatives and Senators. If he loses, then the other guy owes you an explanation of his reasons for doing what he did. A lot of folks don't believe that President Bush gives explanations. He does. The members of the Cabinet do this as well. I think, however, that most of the folks demanding an explanation want to hear what they have already decided is the objective truth. I will be calling for explanations from John Kerry if he gets elected. He will need to defend every decision he makes, and do so before many more cameras than the one that C-SPAN 2 provides.

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