Friday, October 08, 2004

What's On Your Nightstand?

Jeff Soyer's question is interesting. For all of you gun-owners out there, do you keep guns in an easily-accessible place while you sleep? If not, is there something else you use forhome defense?

Thanks to Evanston being under a fru-fru handgun ban, I really can't keep a decent defensive weapon nearby. I pretty much make do with a beat-up tonfa and a couple of box-cutters. I guess if the blood loss doesn't kill 'em, the lockjaw will. What I'd LIKE to keep nearby is pretty simple: a revolver in .38 or .357, hollow-point rounds, possibly subsonic if those are legal for non-law enforcement use. I'd like that if only to keep any bullets I fire from passing through my target and possibly annoying a neighbor with the noise. It also might keep shots from passing through walls, floors or the ceiling and into a neighbor's apartment.

However, I guess the eggheads in Evanston wouldn't mind my using a shotgun, rifle or other long arm to defend my home since they have to pay some lip-service to state and federal laws. A shotgun is a bit bulky to use in an apartment, and let's not even talk about firing a rifle. Bulky AND the bullet probably won't lodge in the target. Do said eggheads factor that in? Probably not.

Well, maybe there's other places to live cheaply in the Chicago area where guns aren't considered evil/ tools of patriachal oppression/ able to steal your soul by looking at it, etc.

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