Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More Mayhem Against GOP Offices

Once again, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit delivers the goods on this spate of politically-motivated crimes.

I was hoping to follow up on a story I'd heard this morning on WLS about a very horrific, taunting phone call to a Madison, Wisconsin widower whose wife's last request was to "do anything to elect John Kerry." Apparently the caller stated that the deceased would burn in Hell before Kerry was elected. I haven't been able to find anything online about that, not even on the WLS website. Can anyone verify this? It's hearsay at this point, which makes me wonder why anyone would report it without verification. I can't find verification of the call online in any newspapers. If I'm going to be pissed off at one of my own, I'd like for it to be true.

However, after the Bush/Cheney office shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday, I was hoping that we'd seen a one-time incident.

Now there's news in Orlando, Florida of union members storming GOP offices to intimidate the staff there, where 2 people were injured. Apparently, this attack is part of coordinated "protests" by the AFL-CIO.

Oh, you should also know that Wisconsin Democratic Party Brownshirts activists also stormed a GOP office in West Allis, Wisconsin. (Via Sean Hackbarth's The American Mind)

So, here's what I'm going to ask Democrats. Why aren't you policing yourselves? These incidents cross well beyond any First Amendment rights to free speech or assembly. Eveyone on your side of the fence loves pointing at the anti-homosexual comments made by Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the like, then you ignore us when we repudiate them. Even when we try to find the folks responsible for rumored taunts, it's not enough. These attacks on GOP offices and supporters are not equivalent to "hate speech." They are hate, pure and simple. These are not "attack ads." They are attacks on people who disagree with you politically. Have you been so blinded by your hatred of George W. Bush that you think your only choice is violence? What makes you think that these tactics are going to generate votes for you?

And you call us thugs and fascists?

Democrats, has your party leadership LOST THEIR TINY FUCKING MINDS? (I apologize to readers who may not be used to my swearing, but it's the most appropriate adjective at the moment.)

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