Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bookstore clerks conspire to censor "Unfit For Comand?"

Disgusting. That's my best summation. The Borders clerks who wrote this dreck need to find themselves fired. The clerks are taking their political beliefs and trying to prevent the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group (led by John O'Neill) from expressing their own. Don't the lefties in this group usually accuse conservatives like me of doing the same thing on religious grounds? The censorship they're practicing is just as insidious. I've worked in a crappy retail clerk jobs before. In fact, I used to WISH to have the problems that bookstore clerks had. This is mainly due to my having had a job as a liquor store clerk. I know that some of the bile launched at Borders customers in that discussion thread is just venting in order to relieve stress. I haven't seen this much contempt in a long time, though. Damaging books so they can't be sold, sitting on stock (i.e., refusing to put it out on the shelves), even being rude to customers so they'll go elsewhere: these actions are reprehensible. I shall certainly keep an eye on the local Borders store in Evanston for such dirty trickery. I was there last night, and "Unfit For Command" was in the window, prominently dispayed next to Bill Clinton's "My Life."

If you're wondering why I linked through Google, it's easy: I tried going to the original thread URL only to find that the site had been shut down due to bandwidth overuse. I found this thread via another site, Little Green Footballs. Thanks for the info, Charles!

One final thought on this subject: if you're going to disagree with someone's point of view on a subject and think said person to be foolish, why not disseminate his point of view to others so that the folks you're trying to convince can see what you see? That adds far more credibility than "Trust me, he really said this!"

Just ask Dan Rather. (Okay, that was mean of me.)

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