Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Downtown Downers Grove evacuated after pipe bomb found

Downers Grove is too nice of a town for this stuff to happen. My guess is that it's a local who was ticked off at the village government, but I can't figure out a specific motive. If it's some "peace activist" trying to "raise awareness" about domestic security, there are lots of better ways to do that than building an improvised explosive device and putting lives in danger. I have to give credit where it's due: the public works employee who found this reacted calmly and quickly to the discovery and the village government's safety procedures worked well.

On a personal note, I have family members who live in Downers Grove. While no one was injured, the potential for damage and deaths was there. I hope for quick arrests and a full explanation of motive. I'm almost of a mind to make the punishment for this hinge on the explanation. The more trivial a motive, the worse penalty that should be handled down. God forbid we hear "I was bored" or "I thought this would be cool." Something like that the guy ought to get jail time and a public beating by the folks whom he endangered. That may sound barbaric, but it could work nicely. Of course, whoever did this will be getting some nice federal prison time and all the hell that entails. I'm not saying there's a link to groups outside DuPage County, but if there is, we can point to another success in the War on Terror.

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