Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sorry for the light blogging recently, folks. This is my last week in the lovely town of Wheeling, and I'm putting the finishing touches on packing everything up for the big move. After two years here, I'm heading to another suburb around that which is Chicago. It'll be strange to be able to go into the city on weekends without having to wait an hour for a train, or having to drive to a CTA stop.

What will I miss from Wheeling, Buffalo Grove and the Northwest Suburbs? Quite a bit actually. I'll miss immediate access to Hanabi, one of the best sushi restaurants in the suburbs. The Continental Restaurant will also go on my "remember to eat here" list. Access to a Dominick's within walking distance will also be missed. There's a Jewel near my new place, but they just don't have the grocery selection that Dominick's does. Hero Headquarters, my local comic book shop, will still be on my list of stops since it's on the way home every Wednesday night. Games Plus will now be "out in the far 'burbs" where it was just a 20-minute drive. And of course, I am no longer just a few miles away from Mitsuwa Marketplace, with its lovely selection of Japanese food stalls and manga. Now it will be a trek to get my fix of okonomiyaki!

I do know that there will be benefits to living in Evanston besides immediate access to Chicago. This is where the adventure of moving to a new place becomes something exciting. Now I'll have new places to explore, new things to see, and more reason not to drive to ACen. The train will make that much easier.

I'm excited, but I do realize that I'm going to miss a lot about this part of the Northwest Suburbs. It'll still be a fine adventure, though.

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