Thursday, July 01, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Budget deadline missed

Okay, now we see what happens when a state wants more money than it takes in. The guys in charge all fight among themselves. Governor Blagojevich, Senator Jones and Speaker Madigan all need to get their heads out of their respective butts and cut a lot of services, projects and overhead. As for me, it's another reason why the tax rates should be further lowered from current levels. The more money the state gets, the more need it has to expand its influence. I haven't seen any administration do well in keeping budgets low, so removing the money supply is going to be all the more important. The state is unable to pay for its various services. If the government shuts down, fine. We'll have to do without for a while until enough cuts are made to bring it in line with revenues. America is still the Land of Opportunity, not the Land of Free Stuff. This may help to remind people of that.

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