Wednesday, July 14, 2004 : Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate

What's that? My Magic 8-ball was right? Well, what do you know.

Mr. Ditka has a lot of other things going on in his life, such as his marriage, his restaurant, Levitra spokesman, and football commentator. I really doubted that he'd want to take a pay cut. He'd be a great guy for the job, but if he doesn't want it, no one can force him to take the nomination.

At this point, maybe we Republicans should look closer at Jim Oberweis. Yes, "racist ice cream" criticisms and all. There isn't anything wrong with his platform on illegal immigration, since he basically wants people to follow the rules set forth by the federal government. He did come in second, and hopefully he could generate the cash and the media interest again.

I'd still like Andy McKenna to have a shot, but the party needs a rallying point. This is where McKenna's low-key approach is a disadvantage. The Illinois Republican Committee needs to give up any dislike they may have of Jim Oberweis and give him the nod. I don't really want to see a blank space on the ballot for Republicans this year.

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