Wednesday, June 30, 2004

What is the GOP going to do?

Okay, Jack Ryan is out of the race. The main committee of the Illinois Republican Party is fighting back and forth with Judy Baar Topinka over how the vetting process should go. We've got a lot of choices. There's Steve Rauschenberger, whose state legislative experience could be a bonus. There's Jim Oberweis, a guy who knows how to get his name out, even if he's considered an anti-immigration zealot by the press. There's guys like Andy McKenna, who has the support of downstate Congressman Ray LaHood.

Who can we choose to replace Jack Ryan?

I have a few criteria: no weird undisclosed sex life, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and personal experience that shows a guy can improve what's been given to him or has built himself up. Government experience is nice, too. If he's got a weird sex life, he needs to get that out in the open immediately. Admittedly, that won't go over well with Republican stalwarts, but it's a sign of honesty.

While none of the above fits that last part, I can definitely say I'd like Andy McKenna as my personal choice out of the above guys. I trust Congressman LaHood's judgment.

I'd really like to get Jim Edgar in there as far as dream picks go. It's a pity he won't do that. He's got experience, is likeable, and can get folks in the GOP who disagree with him on issues to say "Eh, I can compromise on this one."

So, out of the guys from the primary, I'd like McKenna. From the entire GOP cast, Jim Edgar. Where is the GOP's savior in its hour of need?

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