Tuesday, June 01, 2004

SJ-R.COM - No budget passed

Hey wait a minute. Ol' Blaggie and Emil Jones are at odds with Mike Madigan? They're all fighting over a budget they couldn't agree on?

I thought it was only us Republicans who had trouble with funding issues. I won't forget the Illinois FIRST debacle that George Ryan foisted on the state. (I still say that Glenn Poshard should have won that election; he was definitely more pro-2A and pro-life than Ryan was, though that may not be saying much. He was the more conservative of the two, despite being in the traditionally more state-oriented party.) Rod Blagojevich had better grow a lot more spine if he wants to stay Governor of the state.

This does give Illinois Republicans more leverage, though. It states in the article that a three-fifths majority is needed to pass the state budget if nothing is passed by the set deadline. Checking Article VIII of the Illinois State Constitution online, I don't see the 3/5 clause in there. It may be buried elsewhere. It would make sense to have it in the article regulating state finances, though.

I wonder if this isn't some weird internecine fight between Chicago Dems that started out as some kind of personal issue of hurt feelings. After all, Ol' Blaggie said no to a Chicago casino when Hizzoner Junior, Richard M. Daley, demanded one. Maybe Daley is leaning on Madigan?

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