Monday, June 14, 2004

And in other news...

My lease stuff is done and I am no longer going to be with Village Green in Wheeling.

I'm moving to Evanston. It's one of those places that screams "intellectual-poseur socialist-wannabe hell" to the uninitiated. Most of the liberals there aren't bad, just really missing out by not trying to muddle through situations, instead demanding ACTION NOW! on even minor points. They'd be a lot nicer if they understood that not everyone who owns or wants to own a gun is evil or stupid or both. It would also help to stop acting like Republicans are evil. Someone who disagrees with you on how taxes should be spent, on the right of the unborn to exist until such time as they can defend their actions, and on the right to protect oneself in a preferred manner is not evil. That person is not even willfully ignorant or merely uninformed. That someone just realizes that not every social ill can or should be fixed through government intervention, that human life is worth protecting at its beginning, and that things that are truly worthy of the term "evil" are fought against, repelled, and destroyed.

Evanston would certainly be less likely to harbor "peace activists" if that was the case. Fortunately for the town, there are a lot of decent places to take care of daily life, so they get a passing grade from me. Evanston gets a C minus, but you can't have everything.

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