Wednesday, May 12, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Deanna Demuzio sworn in as senator

You know, I'm wondering why we give political posts to the spouses of a deceased legislator. Yes, there's precedent in the US Congress: Mary Bono took over for Sonny Bono when he died, and Jean Carnahan stepped in for her husband Mel when he died on the campaign trail. Are these practices being done to try to console the bereaved, are they being done to avoid the need for a special election, or do the various political parties think that it will be easier to control someone who has a general knowledge of what their spouse was doing and is trying to get through the grieving process? It just seems weird that someone who is connected so closely to a legislator is installed into the position without any kind of serious scrutiny or vetting.

It does make state politics seem a bit more interesting when you see this done locally, though. I can say that, though, since the only spectator sport left in my hometown is politics.

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