Saturday, May 08, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Spider-Man squashed

I first heard about this on Thursday. Apparently, Major League Baseball's high muckety-mucks were going to put advertisements for the next Spider-Man movie on the bases. You can put ads on the fences, that's not a problem. You can put ads on the barriers and on the dugout roofs. But on the bases? No. That's stupid. I'm not going to say is destroys baseball tradition or anything like that, but it's just stupid. Are the umpires going to have to ensure that the ads are seen even if a runner slides and covers the base in dirt? Will the advertisers throw a fit if there's a footprint on the ad? Nobody really wants to find out.

In addition, I think people would like to see things that aren't covered in advertising. I remember trying to watch soccer and rugby when I was in the Air Force and the fields were covered in ads for Watney's Red Barrel (some type of beer, I think). The ads were cleverly painted onto the field so that they'd stand out in a pseudo-3D image. Unfortunately, the giant ads took away from the game because any time you'd look for the ball, this huge ad for beer would cover a quarter of the screen. Baseball has enough beer ads, so let's not give anyone any more ideas, ok?

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