Monday, May 10, 2004

Daley Warns Against Gun Laws

Yep, once again Hizzoner Junior, Richard Daley, has weighed in on adding more gun laws after a shooting in Wrigleyville.

Were the current laws not enough? Would one more law make would-be shooters think twice? No, it wouldn't.

Again, Daley has problems with the concealed-carry laws for retired police officers and the rules for 18-year olds buying weapons without their parents' permission. Retired coppers carrying weapons on them? There's no problem with that, since it's not going to be a rubberstamp except for Daley's cronies. Problems with 18-year-olds purchasing long arms without Mom and Dad's permission? Hold on... ahem...


Thank you.

Daley is just being a moron again. All his extra gun-restricting laws won't amount to anything unless the city's murder rates drop significantly... like to under 100 per year. Then I'll be willing to listen. Until then, Mayor Daley, get your nose out of the Second Amendment.

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