Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Cardinal says no communion for gay protesters Sunday

Dear "civil disobedience is cute" activists within the GLBT community:

Please get your oratory off my rosary.


Religion is a refuge from the rest of the world's problems. Trotting out sexual preference in front of everyone is quite frankly annoying. Identify yourself as a Catholic, not as a gay Catholic. If you want to be taken seriously, acknowledge yourself as gay, and be done with it. Protesting a religious belief is quite honestly lame and not exactly endearing to people like me. Gay marriage? Great! Acting like not being heterosexual gives you some kind of special moral authority? Not great! Interrupting the worship of people who wouldn't care one way or another because they wouldn't know? Stupid!

I'm more pissed off at these people because they would bring their political issues into a place that should be beyond earthly troubles.

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