Monday, May 03, 2004


What a few weeks it's been.

My job has been working me to a frazzle, so I have been very remiss in updating the blog. I do apologize for that. So, I'm going to recap a whole bunch of stuff here:

The alleged prisoner abuse in Iraq: If we're doing it, we must stop immediately and use the full force of the UCMJ to send the perpetrators to spend a VERY long time in Leavenworth (THE military prison in the United States. If you go here, you are a VERY bad former member of the military.)

This cartoon by Ted Rall shows why he's a prick. Ted never learned the tradition about speaking ill of the dead (i.e., you don't do it) and I hope a few hundred editors pull his columns, cartoons, etc. from their papers, and do so permanently. Freedom of speech is a sacred thing, yes, but Ted abuses that freedom in this instance.

Finally, comics writer Micah Wright has been outed as a faux-veteran, a military impostor. This Washington Post article (may require registration to read it) brings forth damning evidence about Wright's lack of military service. Wright's stint as the writer of Stormwatch: Team Achilles (a group of commandoes who protected the world from rogue superhumans) is over because the title was cancelled, but he used his lies to enhance the whole mystique behind his book. Here's a story from a woman who claims to have dated Wright during college. He sounds like he was one of those people I hated in my gaming circles, the amoral bastards who enjoyed lying in and out of the games. They'd then try to laugh off their deceits with "It was a great idea at the time" or "You're such a lamer" or "Nobody got hurt, so why are you bitching?" Sounds like this comics writer finally had his sordid past catch up to him.

Between work and getting a new apartment in Evanston (I'm moving in August! Go me!) I haven't had much chance to blog. Please excuse the delay. I hope to blog more in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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