Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Cardinal says no communion for gay protesters Sunday

Dear "civil disobedience is cute" activists within the GLBT community:

Please get your oratory off my rosary.


Religion is a refuge from the rest of the world's problems. Trotting out sexual preference in front of everyone is quite frankly annoying. Identify yourself as a Catholic, not as a gay Catholic. If you want to be taken seriously, acknowledge yourself as gay, and be done with it. Protesting a religious belief is quite honestly lame and not exactly endearing to people like me. Gay marriage? Great! Acting like not being heterosexual gives you some kind of special moral authority? Not great! Interrupting the worship of people who wouldn't care one way or another because they wouldn't know? Stupid!

I'm more pissed off at these people because they would bring their political issues into a place that should be beyond earthly troubles.

Monday, May 24, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Back to the present

So, the site manager of the Old State Capitol is retiring.


However, I'll be diplomatic and wish the best to Mrs. Andrews and hope that her successor maintains the Old State Capitol with the same level of excellence Mrs. Andrews brought to the job.

I still want that job, though.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

37 deaths investigated as criminal cases

Well, I'm all for a thorough investigation of US interrogation techniques and the interrogators as well. If these deaths turn out to be homicide cases, then the full penalty of military or federal law should be brought down upon the heads of those who directly caused this trouble. With all of the good things that have gone on in Iraq, it's shameful that these abuses ever occurred and destroyed any good will between the US forces and Iraqis.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Daily Herald: Gay couples wed legally in Massachusetts

I want to be completely happy about this event. I really do. I'm very happy that at least one state is willing to perform marriages for same-sex couples. This is a great time for homosexual couples.

Sadly, though, this is also a time when we watch the legislative process get shoved to one side. This should have been debated more in the state legislature and then presented for a vote. Massachusetts citizens should have been offered the chance to vote on it prior to 2006.

What's done is done, to use the cliche. The legal challenges will be even more worrisome than any muddling through done by legislature and voters. What a judge can grant, another can take away. Is that how we really want judges to work?
Poll: Obama ahead of Ryan by 8 points in Senate race

This race is closer than I expected. Barack Obama should see this as a sign that he shouldn't get comfortable. Jack Ryan should also see this as a sign that he has a lot of ground to gain in order to be really competitive. Jack has a good platform with school vouchers. Obama has a lot of the social issues in hand. I do wonder what's going to happen further in the campaign with Ryan's education platform. Is it going to sell better with black voters than the newspapers want to say?

This is a Rasmussen poll, so I'm assuming that these guys are this election's Zogby polls; they're the current darlings of the poll-taker set. Between Rasmussen, Zogby and Quinnipac University, the Gallup Organization needs to figure out how to regain their market share.
Anime Central

Well, this weekend was the Midwest's best (in my own opinion, naturally) Japanese Animation convention. I worked on the costume contest, and despite a lot of griping from some very vocal contestants, the crowd loved it. I have to admit, anime fandom has gotten much more pleasant to look at. There are a lot more cute women and men at the conventions. it has it's problems, sure, but it's good overall.

This is also why I also seemed to miss all sorts of stuff over the weekend. I should really remember to pick up the newspaper more often instead of just going with online editions.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Bomb with nerve gas explodes in Iraq

Well, well, well.

Looks like that WMD stockpile wasn't 100% verifiably destroyed, was it? Hans Blix says it's not important:
Former U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix, speaking to the Associated Press in Sweden, said the shell was likely a stray weapon scavenged from a dump and did not signify that Iraq had large stockpiles of such weapons.

Sorry, Hans, but Saddam's government wasn't supposed to have ANY chemical weapons. First, Mr. Blix verified they had weapons, then he said no, there weren't any weapons. Now a weapon shows up. Hmm. At what point were you lying about the stockpiles, and why weren't the weapons destroyed immediately?

Thankfully the casualties were minimized due to the stupidity of the bomb-makers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Deanna Demuzio sworn in as senator

You know, I'm wondering why we give political posts to the spouses of a deceased legislator. Yes, there's precedent in the US Congress: Mary Bono took over for Sonny Bono when he died, and Jean Carnahan stepped in for her husband Mel when he died on the campaign trail. Are these practices being done to try to console the bereaved, are they being done to avoid the need for a special election, or do the various political parties think that it will be easier to control someone who has a general knowledge of what their spouse was doing and is trying to get through the grieving process? It just seems weird that someone who is connected so closely to a legislator is installed into the position without any kind of serious scrutiny or vetting.

It does make state politics seem a bit more interesting when you see this done locally, though. I can say that, though, since the only spectator sport left in my hometown is politics.

SJ-R.COM - American beheaded

Hunt them down.

Kill them.

Abu Ghraib atrocities or not, those masked bastards deserve nothing short of death. This still would have happened even if the pictures of prisoner torture had been leaked. Then they lie about needing to reclaim their honor. Masks make you honorable? Only in the world of superheroes. Again, hunting down and killing these dirt-licking sons of pigs and monkeys, these flea-infested dogs, these perverters of God's Word is the only way to keep them from trying again. I wonder if we shouldn't be doing the same thing, parading their heads on al-Jazeera to shame their cronies into submission. If they want an equivalent response, they're going to get it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Daley rejects calls for more cops at Wrigley

Mayor Daley says this:
"One person was at the game. The shooters were not at the game. It had nothing to do with the game. This is at 6:30 at night. It could happen in Lake Forest or Highland Park. It could happen in Mount Prospect. It could happen any place. It has nothing to do with baseball," Daley said.

But the police said this:
According to police, Hernandez's brother hit Caballero's friend on the head with a souvenir baseball bat. Caballero then allegedly got out of the SUV and shot Hernandez, a graduate of Kennedy High School and Daley College. A 9mm handgun was later found in the SUV. Caballero has been charged with first-degree murder.

Clearly there's only one thing to do:

Ban souvenir baseball bats. This way, fights between fans will not escalate into shootings.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Daley Warns Against Gun Laws

Yep, once again Hizzoner Junior, Richard Daley, has weighed in on adding more gun laws after a shooting in Wrigleyville.

Were the current laws not enough? Would one more law make would-be shooters think twice? No, it wouldn't.

Again, Daley has problems with the concealed-carry laws for retired police officers and the rules for 18-year olds buying weapons without their parents' permission. Retired coppers carrying weapons on them? There's no problem with that, since it's not going to be a rubberstamp except for Daley's cronies. Problems with 18-year-olds purchasing long arms without Mom and Dad's permission? Hold on... ahem...


Thank you.

Daley is just being a moron again. All his extra gun-restricting laws won't amount to anything unless the city's murder rates drop significantly... like to under 100 per year. Then I'll be willing to listen. Until then, Mayor Daley, get your nose out of the Second Amendment.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Spider-Man squashed

I first heard about this on Thursday. Apparently, Major League Baseball's high muckety-mucks were going to put advertisements for the next Spider-Man movie on the bases. You can put ads on the fences, that's not a problem. You can put ads on the barriers and on the dugout roofs. But on the bases? No. That's stupid. I'm not going to say is destroys baseball tradition or anything like that, but it's just stupid. Are the umpires going to have to ensure that the ads are seen even if a runner slides and covers the base in dirt? Will the advertisers throw a fit if there's a footprint on the ad? Nobody really wants to find out.

In addition, I think people would like to see things that aren't covered in advertising. I remember trying to watch soccer and rugby when I was in the Air Force and the fields were covered in ads for Watney's Red Barrel (some type of beer, I think). The ads were cleverly painted onto the field so that they'd stand out in a pseudo-3D image. Unfortunately, the giant ads took away from the game because any time you'd look for the ball, this huge ad for beer would cover a quarter of the screen. Baseball has enough beer ads, so let's not give anyone any more ideas, ok?

Monday, May 03, 2004


What a few weeks it's been.

My job has been working me to a frazzle, so I have been very remiss in updating the blog. I do apologize for that. So, I'm going to recap a whole bunch of stuff here:

The alleged prisoner abuse in Iraq: If we're doing it, we must stop immediately and use the full force of the UCMJ to send the perpetrators to spend a VERY long time in Leavenworth (THE military prison in the United States. If you go here, you are a VERY bad former member of the military.)

This cartoon by Ted Rall shows why he's a prick. Ted never learned the tradition about speaking ill of the dead (i.e., you don't do it) and I hope a few hundred editors pull his columns, cartoons, etc. from their papers, and do so permanently. Freedom of speech is a sacred thing, yes, but Ted abuses that freedom in this instance.

Finally, comics writer Micah Wright has been outed as a faux-veteran, a military impostor. This Washington Post article (may require registration to read it) brings forth damning evidence about Wright's lack of military service. Wright's stint as the writer of Stormwatch: Team Achilles (a group of commandoes who protected the world from rogue superhumans) is over because the title was cancelled, but he used his lies to enhance the whole mystique behind his book. Here's a story from a woman who claims to have dated Wright during college. He sounds like he was one of those people I hated in my gaming circles, the amoral bastards who enjoyed lying in and out of the games. They'd then try to laugh off their deceits with "It was a great idea at the time" or "You're such a lamer" or "Nobody got hurt, so why are you bitching?" Sounds like this comics writer finally had his sordid past catch up to him.

Between work and getting a new apartment in Evanston (I'm moving in August! Go me!) I haven't had much chance to blog. Please excuse the delay. I hope to blog more in the coming months. Stay tuned!