Sunday, April 04, 2004

Suburbs fear they could lose if gov gets more control of RTA

So, Ol' Blaggie wants the Regional Transportation Authority under his control? Considering that I don't mind using public transportation on a regular basis (this would assume that I actually had a job that was near a bus route that served my area, right now it's driving-access only) I don't like this proposal. Adding more control by Chicago could restructure it to the point where it becomes even more difficult to get from the burbs to the city. For example, if I want to take the train into Chicago on a weekend, I'd better drive to Mount Prospect. Why? Because the Wheeling line is only Monday-Friday. If I want to take the bus there and back, I have to walk about a mile to the nearest bus stop, and then hope that it runs more than once an hour. And I'd better not want to stay late in Chicago, because the buses won't run for long. There need to be a lot more bus routes out in the Northwest suburbs. It'd be a lot easier to get to work in winter without having to scrape off all the ice and snow from my car, that's for sure. Tipping the balance in Chicago's favor compared to the suburbs could be a very bad thing for areas serviced by PACE and Metra. We need better service out here, too.

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