Tuesday, April 06, 2004

St. Louis Cardinals : The Official Site

It's the day after Opening Day, and our beloved Cardinals have already dropped a game to the Milwaukee Brewers. This must be rectified immediately. I recommend a penance of getting into the playoffs.

I love baseball. Living near Chicago means that I am truly a stranger in a strange land. Here I am, a tried-and-true Cardinals fan, living among those strange creatures known as Chicago Cubs fans. Had it been fifteen or twenty years ago, I'd have gotten in many a schoolyard brawl defending the honor of the Redbirds. Now that I have a lot of friends who are Cubs fans, I realize that they're still great people to hang out with despite their misguided allegiance. Sitting back and having a beer or two while watching or listening to a game is a pleasure that has been denied to me since the playoffs. Now I have the rest of the spring and all of summer to enjoy the National Pastime.

The rivalry between St. Louis and Chicago is also a thing of beauty. It's not quite as vicious as the New York-Boston rivalry, nor is it as weird as the rivlaries between the Cubs and White Sox or the Mets and Yankees. It's one of the friendlier rivalries despite the frequent fistfights that can break out in Central Illinois between drunken fans. It's a great feeling for each side to be able to look at their rivals after a particularly humiliating loss and say "How 'bout them Cardinals, huh?" or "My oh my, YOUR Cubs are certainly fighting for last place this year, aren't they?" That's about as bad as it gets.

Though I doubt the Cubs fans would be as honorable to root for the Cardinals during the playoffs as we did for the Cubs.

And now, I run for cover.

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