Thursday, April 22, 2004

Nicoll Highway Front Page

The folks in Singapore had a horrific disaster on their highway system a few days ago. One of their major traffic arteries collapsed, killing four men and postponing more work on their MRT (similar to the CTA system, but MUCH MUCH nicer) lines. Prime Minister Goh is working to get the damage repaired and to find out how this accident happened. From what I've read of him, he's the right Prime Minister for the job.

Singapore is one of those places I could consider as a second home. It's got the right weather, a great infrastructure (this mishap notwithstanding) and all the other comforts an American could enjoy if he were to live overseas. (I'll also mention that the food is excellent as well.) A lot of people in the rest of the world complain about the political situation there, but really it's not much different than what's here in Chicago. Singapore is better than you think. I'd encourage anyone who hasn't been outside the country to go there if they're looking for a beautiful tropical-yet-urban vacation spot where everyone speaks English.

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