Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Daily Egyptian : Pikes receive death penalty

It looks like one of the fraternities at SIUC have truly screwed the pooch. Hazing plus the death of a pledge during an initiation stunt has resulted in the permanent suspension of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. The Pikes have earned the dubious honor of being the first frat to be permanently banned from the university. The frat deserves no less of a fate. Will this change life at other fraternities and sororities? No, sadly, it won't. The boozing and hazing will continue. There will, however, be no room at the table for this fraternity.

The fraternity's representatives will most likely appeal this on the grounds that the punishment is too harsh, but when you consider that someone died as a result of fraternity-sponsored activity, the sentence seems fair. I can't say I was ever leery of the Pikes, and some of them seemed to be really decent guys after an incident where a psychotic roommate of mine tried to force his way into the frat. The latest actions of their brothers brings down the image of the Pikes as the top dogs on campus. A permanent ban of the frat is justified in this case. Sorry, guys, but when you screw up royally, your entire group goes down. Take it from someone who was a member of the biggest frat in the US (the Department of Defense). It only takes one "aw, shit" mishap to ruin a hundred "attaboy" reports. The Pikes have had their mishap, and now they're gonna pay for it.

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