Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Vote Wasserman!

Hey you!

Yes, you, the blog reader in the 58th District of the Illinois State Legislature! Here's the guy you need to elect in the upcoming Republican Primary. David Wasserman is a candidate for the Republican nomination, and he needs your help. Mr. Wasserman is a very likeable guy, as I had the chance to speak with him this evening at the Townhall.com Monthly Meet-up. The only thing that we disagreed on was gay marriage, and that's pretty good. Mr. Wasserman was able to give a list of reasons why he doesn't support civil unions, and base it on a set of rock-solid principles. Someone who isn't going to waver on that issue is not likely to waver on other stances such as the gun ownership and abortion. He's also a low-tax Republican, lowering taxes to prevent wasteful government spending.

I admit it, I'm in the minority among Republicans on gay marriage and civil unions, so I can't really use that as a make-or-break issue where the candidates are all on the same side of the issue. I will say this, though: Dave was willing to come out to the meeting to speak with local conservatives, and that says that he's at least willing to hear the issues voiced by his fellow citizens. He's on the same side of the issues that I am with only one exception, and I can give him my support.

Now, if only I had more information about my local State Representative, I'd be set.

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