Thursday, March 25, 2004

Story? What story?

Checking the three largest papers in the area, I noticed how little fanfare HB 4075 got in its passage to the State Senate. The Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald show nothing on the front page about this home-defense bill that makes a lot of gun bans almost superfluous. The Sun-Times (and its still-ugly website) has a modest headline in the "News" section. What's wrong? Aren't there any leads on people who will make newsworthy statements against this horrid, horrid bill that could allow people to use handguns to defend themselves? (Note: I don't think this bill is horrid at all, but there's got to be someone out there who will scream and throw a political fit over it somewhere.)

Or maybe, just maybe, the papers are afraid that to give it coverage which might mean giving it more attention and lead to more support? After reading Bernard Goldberg's first book, Bias, I've looked relatively askance at editorial processes. Are the reporters waiting for it to pass the Senate, get vetoed by Ol' Blaggie, and then wait to see if the State Legislature can override his veto? Are you guys waiting for some kind of gripping, compelling drama, or are you going to just report the news? This is news, not entertainment.

At least the Sun-Times covered it. I'm kind of mad that the State Journal-Register didn't cover it. It's an issue of state power vs. home rule power vs. the right to defend one's home. Not only that, a paper in the state capitol should be the best source of state government coverage.

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