Friday, March 05, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Stations may change channels


This is a huge story for back home. WICS and WAND are apparently changing network affiliations. Those channels have been affiliated with NBC and ABC respectively since before I was born. I wonder how this is going to change the actual signal reception, though? NBC always seemed to come in clearest, ABC always seemed a bit muted, and the CBS affiliate was always a bit grainy. This is on the local cable system, mind you, not just via normal broadcast. You could easily tell which channel was which, even without the little logos in the corner.

I also wonder what this will do to local tv news coverage. Will the switch in affiliations change the way news direction is done? Will ABC want a new look to statehouse reporting now that they're the primary television station of the state capital? If that's done, it could bring a new perspective to what's going on at First and Capitol. Hopefully, they also bother Ol' Blaggie like state house reporters are supposed to do.

The affiliation change also means that WICS is going to lose Saturday Night Live, so may I suggest bringing back the televised weekly drawings from the IGA stores? Oh, right. That was fiendishly boring. Okay, readers! Or reader... whichever. Here's your assignment. Figure out what kind of local programming show should be shown on Saturday night at 10:30pm. There are only a few rules. 1. No blatant adult materials or sexual situations. Let's keep this mildly clean. 2. It must conform to local culture. High school sports, state and city politics, even farming issues are fair game, but let's try for something a bit different. 3. If possible, make the show entertainingly cheesy. Think along the lines of something that would make a great cult hit, like "Kung Fu Farm Bureau Report" or something.

Got it? Go! Brainstorm like your life depended on it! Once you're done brainstorming, write a one or two-paragraph pitch for me. The best suggestions will receive shiny new elephants* and their suggestions will be posted.

*No elephants will be given out. You'll still get posted on the blog, though. Consider it a break from anonymity.

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