Friday, March 26, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Lawmakers approve firearm bills

Man, ask and I shall receive. The State-Journal Register scoops up a hat trick of firearms bills and plunks it all into one article.

First, they note the passage of HB 4075, which I discussed below. The amusing thing is Rep. Don Harmon of Oak Park who thinks that the bill will allow felons to not be prosecuted for weapons charges if they use them in self-defense. No, Representative Harmon, you're wrong. HB 4075 does not change existing weapons possession laws in the Illinois Compiled Statues. It only changes home-rule handgun bans. Representative Harrison is apparently all about the sound and fury that signifies nothing.

Now there are two other bills that have passed into the next levels of legislation as well. Senate Bill 2386 states that someone who breaks into a house has no right to sue for damages resulting in being injured by the homeowner if said homeowner is defending his home. This should prevent incidents like the one in Great Britain where would-be burglars sued and pressed charges against a homeowner who shot them while they were breaking into his house. This goes on to the Senate. Senate Bill 2163 lowers the age for purchasing a FOID without parental notification from 21 to 18. Both houses of the legislature passed it, so it's up to Ol' Blaggie to sign it or veto it once the Senate and House attached their formal seals of approval to it.

Rep. James Meeks says that parents need to still be notified if their child wants to get a FOID card at 18. He seems to imitate Rep. Harmon in stating that this will allow 18-year-olds to buy handguns in Illinois. Again, it only changes the law dealing with ID cards, not the laws with possession of firearms. Looking at the way Rep. Meeks is up in arms about a lack of parental notification, I wonder if Rep. Meeks feels the same way about abortion notification?

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