Friday, March 12, 2004

Daily Herald: Mud flies in race

You know, folks, I read articles like what's going on in the US Senate race with John Borling and then I read this article about a primary race between Republicans that features drunken golfers and auto accidents and I begin to wonder what's wrong with Chicago-area Republicans. This kind of stuff is getting thrown around in a primary election. Hello, DuPage and Cook County Republicans? You don't win elections by pulling this kind of garbage on each other in primaries! Set yourselves apart from the pack by showing how you can apply what you know to benefit your constituents. Don't try for cheap smear tactics and character assassination. Playing dirty politics with your fellow party members is what keeps you from winning elections. You can't even present a relatively unified front in primaries, so why should anyone vote for you in the general elections? You guys need to calm down and keep tactics like this for the general elections when you try to convince people to come over from the other party. Otherwise, the Republican party in Cook County and the collar counties is going to be little more than an afterthought. At least the GOP organizations in other counties have figured this out.

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