Saturday, March 06, 2004

Daily Herald - District to fight business tax appeals

So, now schools are going to go cry to a judge every time a company tries to lower its property tax rates? What surprises me is when Hohsin Dada, the District 54 Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, states that his school district and a neighboring school district are going to try to stop property tax reductions when they feel it's unjustified.

I don't see anywhere in the article where they're called upon to list what they consider an unjustified reduction in rates. What is their criteria for fighting reductions? Is there a set dollar amount? A set percentage amount? Or does the day just have to end in "y" for them to appeal a reduction?

The lead sentence pretty much sets the tone that the school districts want more money from property taxes, and aren't willing to let businesses off the hook for anything. I don't know whether to be concerned for property owners or to point and laugh at the petty tyranny of School District 54's administration. Just to be safe, I'll do both.

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