Saturday, March 20, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Thousands gather in Chicago to protest war

Registration probably required, since it's the Trib.

Anyway, this could also easily be published as "10,000 Chicagoans Still Don't Get It." A couple from South Bend even came here because they say they just couldn't sit at home and do nothing, noting that their son was on his second tour in Iraq with the Marines. Protesting the war isn't going to end it any faster, folks. Pulling out of Iraq now is only going to leave others with a mess we've said we'd clean up. No one understands that. No one understands that Iraq is only part of the whole Middle East conflict, same with Afghanistan. What country is lodged right in between those two nations? Y'know, the one that starts with I and ends in -ran? Putting two American-style democracies on Iran's borders will do more to destabilize the theocratic group that runs the country than folks think. I've heard of a few sporadic riots in Iran, and possibly even the torching of a few of the mullahs' homes. The people of Iran are trying to get rid of the dictatorship that's run roughshod over them for the past 25 years. If having two more US-friendly countries in the area is what it takes to do that, then by all means let's build two more stable democracies there. The Kurds in Syria are also taking action action against Syrian Ba'athists. Is this a bad thing? No. It's another fascist government that needs to be removed. But wait, you say, the Syrians were always big buyers of Soviet goods, how could they be fascist? Well, the Ba'ath parties of Syria and Iraq are fascist parties. Even the much-vaunted Communist party that runs China is little more than fascism that likes bright colors.

But, back to the story at hand. This article shows that some people just don't get the entire scope of what is being done in the Middle East.

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