Thursday, March 11, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Bush Ads Go Negative; Kerry Strikes Back

Yo, Tribune!

Up yours!

The ads for the President aren't negative. They're only stating the truth. This campaign is driven by national security, and Kerry hasn't done a thing to ensure it other than the occasional "me too." Remember when Don Rumsfeld talked about "draining the swamp?" That doesn't mean just making the place uninhabitable for terrorists and their buddies, but making it a place where disease won't fester again. Case in point, Iraq. Yeah, there's a lot of upheaval right now. Yeah, there's a lot of people dying to make Iraq a safer and saner place. But Mr. Kerry didn't want to spend all that money to make Iraq better, did he? He didn't want to ensure that we have fewer enemies on our horizon, did he? So no, the ads aren't negative. They're affirming what we already know about John Kerry: he's a chump to the left of Ted Kennedy who's oddly enough willing to let a foreign country go to the dogs after we waged war there. Then on top of it, Bush can run on the fact that he did cut taxes. How do I know this? I got a smaller refund this year, which means I paid less into federal coffers last year. How is this a bad thing? Can Mr. Kerry tell me that? The only way that the feds could keep a surplus was to keep taxes higher. Surpluses are not necessarily a good thing to have, since it means the supply of money has been restricted. How is having less money in circulation a good thing?

So, let's see: John Kerry wants to raise taxes and gut national defense if the wind is blowing in a certain direction. He's also unwilling to make hard international decisions without the approval of the UN or at least France. No, dear Tribune staff, those ads aren't negative. They're telling the truth.

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