Thursday, March 11, 2004

Calif. top court blocks gay marriages

See what happens when you go whine to a judge? Somebody puts a stop to your fun. This is why there needs to be laws in state constitutions for either gay marriage or civil unions. The key is legislation, not litigation.

Say it with me, kids:


Go hassle your state representatives, that's what they're there for. Tell them to put gay marriage or civil unions on the books. If you go to a judge, your opponents can find a judge sympathetic to them to overturn what you just did.

Yes, legislation takes a lot longer to enact. It's designed that way so that everyone can argue their points and hash out a compromise. Whining to a judge gets quicker results but results in challenge after challenge. It's like having a cold; sure, you can get rid of the symptoms immdiately and function, but if you don't get some rest and allow time for the cold to go away, it could turn into a nasty respiratory infection. Now, do you want the symptoms with possible infection (send in the lawyers), or do you want to wait out the cold and work at it slowly (send in the politicians)? Neither way is completely fun, but one way is definitely better than the other.

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