Friday, March 12, 2004

Borling fires aide who leaked claims about Ryan

This still smells funny.

John Borling fires his campaign chief because said campaign chief sent out the fax dealing about Jack Ryan's divorce. In the article, Rod McCulloch's statement seems to infer that he was more than happy to get fired if it meant smearing Jack Ryan. This makes me wonder if John Borling was really that angry at McCulloch for releasing that statement. And as you can see in yesterday's article a few posts down, the statement about the messy divorce was attributed to Mr. Borling. Like I said, this still smells funny. It's almost like Rod McCulloch is a willing patsy for John Borling's media ploy. I don't like this one bit. If this is the kind of campaign that Mr. Borling is running, does anyone really want a guy like him to have a seat in the US Senate?

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