Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Blagojevich calls for assault weapons ban

Ol' Blaggie is up to typical Democratic tricks. He's calling for an assualt weapons ban which forbids the sale and possession of "military-style" weapons. Jeff at Alphecca can give you the lowdown on "assault weapons" nonsense. If he doesn't get his ban, then he'll veto lowering the age of getting a FOID without parental consent. Uhm, Gov? When you're 18, YOU ARE LEGALLY AN ADULT. You can vote, serve in the military, buy porn, be tried in a court of law as an adult for any crimes, and do all sorts of things except buy alcohol and apparently defend youself with a firearm. So, Governor Blagojevich, are people who are old enough to join the military adults or not? An 18-year old should not need his parent's consent to do ANYTHING. Why? Said 18-year old is AN ADULT. Unless Governor Blagojevich and Representatives James Meeks and Don Harmon want to try to make a law changing the legal adult age to something else, what they're doing is wrong. Adults should be allowed to do adult things.

This bill will NOT increase violence. It may, however, bring in lots more state revenue in the form of FOID fees, and will also allow new adults to defend their home with long guns. It will also help to track those FOID carriers who commit gun crimes, too.

Basically what Ol' Blaggie is saying is that adults who are age 18-20 are only adult when voting Democrat. I hope there's enough Legislative support to override any of his potential vetoes. When I'd heard on the radio today that Blagojevich was going to sign this into law despite the outcry from the Mayor and Butthead-in-Chief of Chicago, Richard Daley, I figured that maybe spending some time in Springfield might have tempered Governor Blagojevich's faulty Chicago-esque thought patterns. No, it turns out that he's still a moron.

Mayor Daley also needs to get back to mismanaging the City of Chicago and keep his frickin' hands off the rest of the state.

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