Sunday, February 22, 2004


What a load of pure garbage.

Black groups in Springfield are once again attacking the city police department over supposed discrimination against seven black police officers. They claim that the police department fired these officers improperly, thus violating their civil rights. They were fired for not doing their jobs to the standards required by all the other officers, Renatta Frazier's case notwithstanding. That's another matter entirely, and Ms. Frazier is still working through the system to be exonerated of her charges. And once again, the protests go on to demand more hiring of minorities on the Springfield police department. The police and fire departments have been reaching out to the black community to hire more police officers and firefighters, but the black community hasn't been reaching back except to slap the city government away or to attack it for not doing enough. What really angers me is this exchange at one of the rabble-rousing meetings:
One person in the audience asked if the climate toward minority officers was better since Police Chief Don Kliment replaced former Chief John Harris.

"Under this administration, and I never thought I'd say this, it's worse," said attorney Courtney Cox, who is representing Frazier and the other six officers.
Mr. Cox has defamed a man I've known for over twenty years, a man who has done his very best to return the Springfield Police Department to its image as protectors of the entire city. Don Kliment is a police chief whose type the city has needed for the past eight or so years, instead of the chief that former Mayor Karen Hasara found in John Harris. Harris would just roll over and ask for forgiveness any time someone felt they were wronged by the police depaertment, no questions asked. Chief Kliment will perform an internal investigation, but the accuser is going to have bring the evidence they have of wrongdoing. In short, Chief Kliment is going to make the accusers substantiate their claims, and reconcile it with an internal investigation. I think the so-called black leadership in Springfield is angry that they don't have a lapdog like John Harris and a pliable mayor like Karen Hasara anymore. Courtney Cox is stirring up his own brand of garbage to line his wallet and spew empty platitudes of support to Springfield's black community. If Don Kliment is a racist, do-nothing police chief, then Springfield attorney Courtney Cox is nothing less than a race hustler.

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