Wednesday, February 11, 2004

SJ-R.COM - Durbin accused of leaking information

Curiouser and curiouser, as Lewis Carroll once wrote. Richard Durbin, our current US Senator and (unfortunately) Springfield resident, may come under investigation for leaking classified materials. The FBI was investigating House and Senate leaks of the material, but Durbin hasn't been interviewed yet. After all of his squawking, maybe he should release his records?

After all, it's not like Manuel Miranda hasn't had a chance to see them. Legally, Mr. Miranda had the right to see them if they were on a government server. That stuff isn't classified to government employees, and if it's on a public server, it is able to be accessed by anyone. I also agree that it was not unethical of Mr. Miranda to read documents like that on a public server, nor was it illegal. It would have been a violation of ethics had he used that information to blackmail Democrats into passing legislation with which they disagreed, but the viewing of those files itself is not unethical. Perhaps next time, the Democrats who want to keep secrets should save their emails to their local drives or removable media?

Be that as it may, perhaps the public DOES need to see those thousands of memos. I think that Senator Durbin would be pleased to release his batch of emails, right? He is a public official and should have a clear conscience about what he sends via email, right? Let your files be scrutinized by the public, Dickie-Doo, and back up your claims of innocence.

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