Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Legislator-cop pulls bill that would have boosted cops' pensions

Man, the Chicago Dems just love trying to fatten their wallets via statewide legislation. State Senator Antonio Munoz introduced a bill that would base police pensions off of their last day or last year's salary instead of a four-year average. While this would give a boost to officers who are getting ready to retire after 12/31/2004, it's being done on the backs of retired cops like my father. Those would be the officers who pay taxes but aren't seeing the pension boost. In addition, shouldn't this be done on an office-by-office basis, instead of statewide? Don't the police departments have to have some kind of say in this? What might be good for the Chicago Police Department may not be so good for the Sangamon County Sherriff's Office. Mind you, State Senator Munoz wasn't doing it out of any self-interest even though he's an officer with the CPD. No, he wouldn't try to sneak in any legislation that would serve him directly.

I'm glad someone caught him in the act. When this is combined with Munoz' (admittedly tenuous) connection to Angelo Torres of the current City Truck Scandal, it makes a guy who could be a decent legislator appear really corrupt. Conflicts of interest may be a staple of Chicago politics, but that doesn't mean they should be accepted.

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