Monday, February 09, 2004

Daley fires cousin in truck scandal

And again, Hizzoner Junior is playing the blame game. When are Chicagoans going to say "enough is enough" and throw this guy out of office? Do they think that a city can't be run without deep corruption in the city bureaucracy? Does everyone have to be related to everyone else? This isn't a 14th-century English manor, people. You are not serfs bound to Lord Richard Daley of Chicagoshire. Throw the bum out, and let some new bums have a crack at it. I love this part, when the mayor is describing the whole firing of Mark Gyrion:
“I know him, but I don’t have a relationship” with him, Daley said of Gyrion. “It doesn’t matter who they are. He’s terminated.”
Riiiiiight, Richard. You don't have any kind of relationship with your own first cousin on your mom's side, especially when he's a high muckety-muck in your administration. Firings aren't enough, Mayor Daley. You need to get out of Chicago politics altogether. It will definitely make the Chicago section of the Democratic Party a lot more palatable.

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