Monday, February 09, 2004

Daily Herald: Beauty is more than ballot deep

I think we can file this under "Slow News Day." The entire article is about how good-looking people seem to be the ones who get elected. This is very true on many levels of politics in an age of photography, television and internet coverage. If this is predominantly true, then John Kerry needs to get out of the presidential race now. Yeek.

Then again, Washington DC has been called "Hollywood for ugly people" by more than few wags. If this is the case, then John Kerry has perhaps found his calling. The cover of the current Weekly Standard has a cover blurb of "Why the long face?" next to Kerry's distended jowls. Of course, the Standard also showed a lot about Kerry's demeanor in one of its articles. He seems to be the guy who wants to take a "brave stand" on an issue when other people have already decided to take similar positions to him. What I do find odd is that he spoke against the war in Vietnam throughout his time at Yale, but turned around to join the Navy and serve in combat. Mind you, as soon as he got out he went right back to protesting. He seems to be the guy who has to have it both ways for him to be satisfied. So far the only thing he hasn't seemed to want to do is marry down from his Boston Brahmin class, nor has he wanted to be a member of the homeless culture. I suppose if it'd get him a few votes he'd go for it.

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