Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Bush to Release Military Pay Records

I hope this will clear up a few things. One, I hope that it will clear up any questions of President Bush's military service record. Whether it's active duty or National Guard service, it's still service to one's state and nation. I also hope it will clear up DNC chump Terry McAuliffe's concept of "real military service." Here's my take on that.

So, Terry says that not only was the President AWOL, he shouldn't be considered to have served his country because he didn't go to Vietnam? So, Terry, do you mean that all the National Guardsmen didn't really serve if they didn't get called up for service in Vietnam? How about active duty units in Europe? You were aware that we were stationing troops in Europe to prevent a potential Soviet invasion, right, Terry? After the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, there were lots of worries about using Cuba as a Soviet base for bombers. That's why the old Air Force major command of Aerospace Defense Command was created. (It was later absorbed into Tactical and Strategic Air Commands, which were then combined into Air Combat Command around 1991.) Aerospace Defense Command was charged with keeping interceptor flights in the air to stop any incursion from Soviet or other hostile air forces. Guess what, Terry? Air National Guard units were the ones tasked by ADC to do these jobs! Why might this be, Terry? Maybe because using Guard pilots would help to provide better coverage than just using regular Air Force units? There weren't a lot of regular Air Force bases on the Gulf Coast that had multiple fighter squadrons. Most of those were based out of Florida and Texas. But what about Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana? What about the large coastlines of Florida and Texas? Do you think that there could be constant interceptor coverage from just a few regular bases? No, Terry. The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve were called in to fill in very large coverage gaps. Maybe you'd know if you'd done any service yourself.

If Terry McAulliffe views military service as only having served in Vietnam, then he does a grave disservice to not only Vietnam veterans, but the millions of other veterans who have served as well. John Kerry seems to be drinking the Kool-Aid that Terry is serving up, so I've got another reason to avoid Mr. Kerry this year.

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